View Full Version : Possible gear bug

27-02-2018, 11:48
Yesterday at Sakiito in a online race i have a weird bug
Just in race because in qualify everything work fine
In race when i put gear from 4 to 6 with the Corvette GTE my speed in 4 and 5 gear it was the same 195 km , and just when i put 6 gear my car gain speed but slower like if i have putted at lower revs
An when i reduce need to try 2/3 times because the malfunction of the 4 and 5 gear.

27-02-2018, 14:08
Verify your gearbox settings. Sometimes on my G29 Wheel when hitting the down D-Pad button a parameter will either increase or decrease as I pass through. I now endeavor to pay more attention when doing this (up & down) than I used to.