View Full Version : Tire wear on Ford Fusion Stockcar far too low?

01-03-2018, 08:40
A member of our community asked me to post a possible issue here, concerning the tire wear of the Ford Fusion Stockcar. You can easily do 200 laps at Daytona without changing the tire at all. The highest wear on the front right tire is 36%, according to the app (see screenshot below). The AI however stops five times during those 200 laps, including tire changes. IRL, they do several tire changes at that distance as well, so tire wear really seems to be far too low on the Ford Fusion.

He is on PS4 and drove with only one AI opponent in that test. Tyre wear is the same in private tests as well.

Settings were as follows:
* Daytona Oval, 17.02.2018, 9 pm, cloudy


14-03-2018, 22:55
Compare with say Texas which has proper horizontal load on the car. Daytona is like driving in a straight line which is why tyres on extremely high pressure all round is the fastest.... You have no concerns about horizontal loading.

The speedway setup illustrates this further... The car is incapable of tolerating even the most feeble cornering loads if you try that setup on another circuit.

I'm not surprised the tyres last so long.

As for comparison to real life it is hard to say as you never see 200 laps of green flag racing. They pit under yellow more often and with those circumstances very little reason not to put at least 2 tyres on the car as it causes no time delay as fuel is the limiting time factor for the stops.

15-03-2018, 08:50
Personally, I have no experience with the Ford Fusion at all and I was just reporting the findings for someone else who's english in not well enough ;) Since I have nearly no knowledge about Nascars as well, I'm happy about every feedback in here from someone who knows more about the topic :) Your arguments sound logical and it might indeed be the case that everything is fine with the tire simulation here.

I just wanted to raise a discussion about a possible issue :)