View Full Version : What am i doing wrong? Assists are completely random

02-03-2018, 15:25
I know we have touched on this in other threads but given the lack of concern from other racers i suspect I am doing something wrong.

In a nutshell, i have absolutely no idea what Assists are going to work and which will not from session to session. I go to options and set ABS to low, TC to high and SC to OFF. I then set the car up to account for this.

From here it goes pear shaped, it seems completely random as to which one's work, then I go back to settings and one to three have changed to a different setting (like say TC going from low to high or off).

For a concrete example, i was running the Ginetta GT4 at RBR, I set the race up and allowed all assists, i made sure my options were set to how I explained above and qualified first and felt really hooked up. In the race, i won but was so loose on the medium fast double left handers when i hit the gas, I look at my assists and TC went from high to low.


02-03-2018, 16:43
Only thing I can offer is, did you delete your setup folder post patch 3.0 and start from scratch with the default setups... I had a LOT of setup issues that cleared up after I did that.

02-03-2018, 21:59
Not all lobbies allow all assists and not every car has every assist (if the session is set to real assists). Best thing to do is to set key bindinds to abs, tc and sc, and set them every time you leave the pits.

For me the assists seem to be set to random settings more often than not as well. Almost every time I leave the pits, I have to disable them again.