View Full Version : LMP2/3 Rotate too much mid / post corner most notably post patch 4

02-03-2018, 18:22
I guess its not a technical issue and I also think its not setup related (unless the defaults need significant updating due to patch 4) - however mods feel free to move if it should not be in general.

Ive seen the posts about tyre temps / setup changes suggestions etc... to reduce / stop the behaviour but for me these were some of the funnest cars pre patch but post patch they rotate so quickly mid / exit corner.

Same issue whether I pick stable or loose setups.

I would expect those cars to have significantly more rear end adhesion at the speeds Im doing - they certainly seem very different to pre patch 4.

I understand with the extra power now you need to be more careful with the throttle on exit... but its pre throttle as well - it feels like all setups are a very exxagerated version of loose in terms of the car wanting to rotate too much.

LMP1 (at least the audi I just tested) is an joy to drive in comparison - the back end is planted - you have confidence - all good.

I know LMP2/3 cannot be compared in terms of the sheer DF but pre patch they were much nicer to drive through corners.

I dont have the right words to explain it Im afraid but they just dont feel good anymore :(

Hope you gurus are able to have a look :)

Thank you !

02-03-2018, 19:33
Try soft tires. They are holding much better than hard tires in regular temp situations. Anything <80℃ tire temp the hard tires don't work so well.

02-03-2018, 21:06
I have also noticed a difference in performance and sensations of the LMP2, especially with the Ligier compared to the previous version of patch 1.4.

While the LMP2 have more power and top speed on the straights, but apparently have had an increase in oversteer, or it seems as if they lost grip, which I noticed more in braking and at the exit of the curves. The problem is that only for those players who like cars with oversteer the new behavior has fallen as a blessing; but instead we were perfectly fine with the previous LMP2 (despite the low power) we are finding it hard to keep up with the other players. Even many of them who were slow before Patch 1.4 are now faster than we were before.

In my case I still can not find which parameters of my setup I would have to modify in order to have more grip but without sacrificing the top speed gain on the straights, since the other players get more out of it. The use of soft tires helps to some extent, because if the car continues with a tendency to oversteer, it will only be fast if the tires work at the proper temperature and do not overheat, but in cold temperatures, the use of soft tires will not work either would help.

Something similar happened with the Porsche 911 GT3 where I had to modify the springs because after patch 1.4 the car became more unstable with a setup with which it was very fast and stable before the patch.

02-03-2018, 21:27
Thanks a lot for the tip hkraft - that made a big difference.

Did not think 37c track temp Donnington would mean the hards were so bad (pre patch softs for that would have been terrible). The pressure was right where Casey recommended around 1.80 with the hards.

I would think hard compound "should" be a lot better than what I experience under those circumstances but now I can always swap to softs to get the smiles back even if that means more pit stops :)

Thanks again.