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03-03-2018, 17:06
As Tittle says really.
I have been running rs dash and previously pCars dash with no issue. But for some reason now it has become very slow and laggy. I run it on a iPhone 5 and also a Samsung tablet at the same time. Have always had it set on udp 7 as that’s what worked best for both. But now they are both so slow and laggy that I can’t use either. I have tried all other udp settings with no luck. Any suggestion would be welcome as I used them a lot and really missing them now.


06-03-2018, 16:01
Remember that you should really keep the UDP setting at 5 and below. I use mine on 2 but recommended is 5. Lower number = faster data..

06-03-2018, 21:53
I have resolved this problem now as it was a issue with my router. So it’s working again now all be it on setting 8 as all the others are laggy. Can’t really see a reason why as like you say the lower the number the better.
Thank you for the response.

15-03-2018, 16:55
I have RS Dash too.. i doesn't seem to matter what setting i use. when i use it the app is like a half second behind what the on screen shows. Are there any router settings i could try ?

15-03-2018, 18:06
I apologize Adz for not being clearer. The game has it mistaken, saying the higher the number the faster the data rate when in fact the lower the number = faster data as per the app developer.

15-03-2018, 21:21
Yes I understand that the lower it’s set the faster it should be. The issue I have is the app only works best on udp setting 8. That is for my phone I use and the tablet as well both different manufacturers. Which makes me think it’s something wrong my end and not the game. Even on 8 there is still a slight delay.

16-03-2018, 11:54
Have you messaged Cjorgens? He is often around and great at helping out. Check his thread out http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?54342-RS-Dash-(pCars-Dash-successor)-companion-telemetry-app

16-03-2018, 19:13
I havnt actually that’s my next stop. Cheers for the link ����

17-03-2018, 15:46
Yeah he's great at responding to any problems or suggestions you may have.