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Atak Kat
04-03-2018, 14:56
I've noticed a lot that lots of guys can put in really fast TT times, or quaifying times, and then in the races their times are usually quite similar to mine.

Honestly I'm usually running a similar setup in quality that I do in race. So I wonder if there is some secret (or, just not known to me...) setup tricks that people do to get the one or two lap times only in quali or TT?

Any hints, greatly appreciated.

04-03-2018, 16:23
Depending on the car and the conditions, the quickest gain is from tyres and radiator/brake ducts. If you can, fit soft tyres and adjust the pressures to give you the most grip you can find for a single flying lap. For the radiator and brake ducts, close them as far as you can - you won't always be able to close the brake ducts fully but the goal is to close them enough that you don't lose too much braking performance by the end of the lap. Radiator ducting can normally be set to the minimum (which doesn't mean there is no air getting to it at all, just that you have the minimum opening possible). Those are the simplest things to start with. From there, it's a case of messing with the settings to find the best you can for one lap. It doesn't matter if the engine blows on the next lap, or the tyres/brakes are massively overheated, all that matters is that the car is good for the 1 lap.

Oh and if the car has adjustable boost, ramp that up to the max (if you can keep control of the car on max boost of course!)

05-03-2018, 12:01
Cluck is absolutely right. Personally, I usually don't have time to tweak a setup during qualy, so I need to make my changes and get on the track ASAP.

I usually take my race setup and do the following:
- Soft tires (Dry conditions)
- Brake ducts 50%
- Fuel for 4 laps (3 for longer tracks - More time to get tires warm)
- Radiator 0%
- ABS and TC off (Depending on car)

15-03-2018, 16:45
Very helpful, thanks!

Atak Kat
22-04-2018, 07:04
Thought I'd revive this and ask again if anyone might be able to give more hints about setup adjustments. All the comments were quite helpful so far.

I was on a pretty good path (before recent patches), for example Monza GT3, I was into the high 1:48s on a good quali lap. I race a lot of tracks, usually GT3 or GTE, but I mention Monza just because it's the one where I can really judge whether or not the setup has an impact. I know pretty clearly if I've cocked something up due to my driving, or not.

After the recent patches (both 4 and 5), I am really lucky to break below 1:50 (barely)
I did have one recent session online, conditions likely perfect (colder weather), where I was hitting 1:47.5 (and actually quite consistently...). But honestly I don't have any idea how I did it (I didn't even change my setup...) In reality I'm still in the 1:50s, and if lucky in the high 1:49s.

That 2 second gap seems impossible for me to find. Sometimes it's 3 seconds as lately I see times in the mid 1:46 range. I see the same gap that I have on almost any track that I think I know pretty well (Nurb GP, Catalunya, Spa, Algarve, Brno, etc)

Any setup hints, or places to experiment are only appreciated. I'm trying not to copy/paste someone else's setup. Trying to learn a bit here...

Example, below is my Porsche GT3 setup at Monza (I pick that just because it's probably really popular with lots of people)
- tires soft, pressures are fr. 1.35, rear 1.30 and seem to stay around 1.8hot (in colder conditions, I increase these a bit in order to get to the 1.8). Brake ducts minimal, brake pressure 90%, I run 50/50 brake balance as this seems to give me the best result and fewer lock-ups under hard braking.
- downforce: 1 front, 2 rear. (I don't find much diff in my times if I put to zero. Any speed gain on straights, I lose in high-speed corners)
- front: caster 7.2, camber -3.4, ride ht 77mm, spring rate 120. Toe in 0, anti-roll 50
- rear: camber -3.0, ride ht 88mm, spring rate 140. Toe in 0.3, anti-roll 45
- front dampers (default stable): slow bump 12800, slow rebound 10500, bump trans 3200, rebound trans -1150
- rear dampers (default stable): slow bump 14500, slow rebound 14500, bump trans 5095, rebound trans -3250
- engine braking 10, traction 10, abs 75, fuel map 1
- diff: clutch lsd, preload 80, clutches 4, power 60, coast 40.