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04-03-2018, 16:58
As a newbie I don't know if this has been raised before; not found anything, but apologies if it has already been considered ...

I'm trying to get my head around beginning to tune a car: leaving aside the biggest problem whilst playing with a controller (getting to anything remotely approaching a stable, repeatable lap time so as to be able to judge what effect any tuning is having ...), it seems like there is an easy (??) visual step or two on the info screens which would make the process easier (for me anyway!):

- make any edited values in the boxes appear as (say) red text, so that it is obvious at a glance which if any values have been amended from their default values;

- include the default value as part of the text description of any factor, so that the extent of the change in any edited value can easily be seen, and be returned individually to that default value rather than re-setting everything on that screen.

Or am I missing an existing easy way of keeping track of what I have changed, and of re-setting it if desired?

04-03-2018, 22:07
What do you mean by the default setting though? There isn't really a default setting. There are multiple setups (stable, loose) per car, with some having more (oem, oval, etc).

I get what you're saying with showing what has changed though in the current edit. With the dpad joystick on my wheel, I'm sometimes moving up and down when it changes something by moving to the right of left when I didn't mean to. It would be cool to see what has changed that hasn't yet been saved.

You should really only be changing one thing at a time though so it shouldn't be difficult to track. Try following a guide like this (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?55483-SETUP-GUIDE-Setup-your-car-in-21-steps) when tuning so you are making changes in an order that makes sense. You can always note what changes you've made for each step and keep separate saves along the way.

04-03-2018, 23:51
Yeah, perhaps I wasn't as clear as I'd hoped ... but I meant the default settings for any given "base" setup ... so yes, each car has at least two, stable and loose: depending on which of the defaults you started from, any change to its values would be highlighted "live" and in the saved version (either new save or overwritten) when recalled ...

The changing one thing at a time and saving each as a step is good advice (I'm hoping to do this!), but the restricted number of characters in the save names means it's not easy to describe what's (changed) in a setup when it's got 2 - 3 - 4 etc successive changes added ... and it seems positively backward to consider having to write it all down on paper!

Just seems obvious to me (!) to be able to see on screen what's been changed from the provided default for that car, and so be able easily to change it back again if desired.

04-03-2018, 23:59
You could compare to screenshots of whatever baseline setup you started from, or a notepad as a work-around.

20-03-2018, 04:30
When it comes to tuning a car you need to determine your driving style. You can copy a tune from another driver, but they might love more OS bias, when you perfer US bias. Learning the setup process will be dividens in improved lap times. I have created a YouTube series called "PC2Tuner How To", watch the videos if you have the free time. I use real world engineering to discuss the physics behind car tuning.

21-03-2018, 02:34
I have created a YouTube series called "PC2Tuner How To", watch the videos if you have the free time. I use real world engineering to discuss the physics behind car tuning.


21-03-2018, 20:50
PC2 Tuner, How To Series: