View Full Version : Semi-Slick vs Track Tires?

05-03-2018, 10:53
Title says it all. "Automatic by weather" usually puts on semi-slicks, but my intuition says that track tires (which I presume are slick) should offer more grip. Any thoughts?

Jussi Karjalainen
05-03-2018, 16:42
Semi-Slick is better. The Track name comes in a sort of roundabout manner, assume your car is delivered with the Summer tyres (on another car that might be P Zero), and you want to take it to a track, so you slap on some better rubber, aka Track tyres (on another car that might be P Zero Corsa), which are better suited for track usage but are still road worthy tyres. Then for ultimate performance you'd go full Semi-Slick (on another car that might be P Zero Trofeo R) which is all about maximum performance and road worthiness be damned.

Note that I used the Pirelli tyres as an example of the progression on another car, we're not talking about the same compounds at all.

05-03-2018, 18:01
Thank you very much for that question, and also thank you, of course, by the answer. Very helpfully, because i thought the same, track tires better than semi-slick :)