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05-03-2018, 13:45
Hi all. Just looking for some tips for Oulton. Call me obsessive, but I have been trying to get a decent time at Oulton in a GT3 Endurance Porsche and I cannot seem to get the hang of Island or Shell Oils. I have to slow down massively to get round Island without shooting off into the grass on the other side (right) of the track and struggle with Shell Oils - either not being able to exit without going up on the grass/dirt on the left hand side of the exit or staying too low in the curve and getting caught in the camber. Does anyone have any tips?
I seem to have to slow down WAY more than the AI (which is what I play against) in Island. I have to hit the brake and go down to 4th and then I hold 4th until Shell Oils. If I go up again to 5th, that's when I seem to lose the camber on Shell Oils and miss the exit, ending up on the dirt on the outside of the exit of the turn. Furthermore, in races, if it is tight, I always get shunted from behind by the AI at Island, because it can take the corner MUCH faster than I can. When I slow, they just drive into me and push me off the track.
Should Island be 5th gear or 4th? Is it brake or just lift (if 5th)? Should I start turning in at the road (the short-cut track to the right just before the turn)? At the bollards? Should I aim for the apex close to the end of the rumble strip on the left at Island? How far should I drift across before coming back to the left side of the track for Shell?
With Shell Oils, it seems like the fastest line is actually half way up the camber, but I can't seem to find that line. It's all right going in, but then if I hold speed, I understeer off to the left at the exit. I brake around the oblong of replaced track just before Shell Oil, generally just inside it, if memory serves.
I have watched a couple of the real track guide YouTube videos which seem to suggest that the inside line at Shell Oils is the best and that you certainly should brake at Island.
Not that my times are great, but I am pretty competitive with the AI around the rest of the track (up to about 100/100), but can't get anywhere near the AI on those two corners.
Another question is whether I should shift the gearing. In the Porsche, I don't get into 6th at all at Oulton. The Ferrari 488 will get into 6th before Island. Does anyone have a good set up they would be willing to share for a comparison? Many thanks in advance for all tips. I don't play online, so no worries about giving away trade secrets - and even if I did, I would be way down on pretty much everyone. :)

05-03-2018, 15:24
I never know the turn names, so I had to look them up.

As for the Island and Shell, the GT3 AI will always beat you at the island for some reason, and I usually shift to 4th, and lightly brake and cruise into the shell turn.

I enter the shell turn mid to high, and exit on the inside. I'm usually faster than the AI at the rest of the track.

I usually run the NSX so I can't help you with the Porsche, but as for gearing since you can't change much, I wouldn't worry about using all the gears, just use what is best for you.

05-03-2018, 18:25
There are a number of posts on oulton Park where you can find tips. A really good resource is the definitive circuit guide (https://youtube.com/watch?v=Slaab9SjWys) from driver 61.

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Is this Island on the Island layout(Island Hairpin) or Island on the International layout(Island kink) that you need help with or both.

06-03-2018, 07:21
Hi and thanks for the tips. I will watch the Driver 61 guide. I don't think that was one of the ones I watched previously. I don't really mind being slower than the AI at Island (international) and Shell, but as I said, if I am in a race, my slow speed through Island just means I am shunted off the track if the AI is in a position to make a challenge round that corner. I guess the difference in speed is so much that when the AI makes a dive for the inside line, it doesn't have the time to slow and avoid me when I turn in and I can't not turn in otherwise I would just carry on onto the grass and into the barriers. I guess I could turn down the aggression on the AI, but I kind of like it when the AI plays tough (though not there). It tends to mean that while I can run with the lead pack for 7 or 8 laps (I usually do 10 lap races), when I start losing time to the AI (concentration? tires?) toward the end of the race, the 4/5/6th AI car will catch me and it ALWAYS seems to happen at Island and then my race is run, because the AI shunts me off every time.