View Full Version : Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe S and AMG GT R

05-03-2018, 17:55

Maybe just me, but why does the C63 feels so much better as a car then the GTR ?

I drive all cars almost exclusive without aids, only ABS if they have. But the GTR doesn´t feel planted to the ground as the C63, with the GT R I can really feel the heavy front that wants to drive the car by itself, while with the C63 it feels very neutral, it does exactly what we ask of him, much like the porsche GT3R (Road version).

So, like in PCars1 i want to like the AMG GTR, but the way it responds to driver inputs.... I am disappointed with the way the car responds, it does not let me have confidence in the limit, totally unpredictable, the front takes the car with it, does not mean that it understeer, really to explain better..I just cannot be fast and secure with the AMG GTR.

Any advice?


05-03-2018, 20:48
Hi pferreirag60, I changed some things from Default Loose and ran a lap. I think it's(AMG GT R) fine. You just need to drive it differently. I mean you really need to be aggressive with the brakes to get it to turn in and same with throttle, really nail it at apex and it will leap from the corner.

10-03-2018, 11:53
Ok, the AMG isn't really competitive in the RDC class although you can improve it with some tuning. The new Porsche Carrera GT is right there TT wise with the McLaren 570 S and Huracan at least on the track I tested. You may want to look at it for your RDC racing. I haven't driven either the 650 S or Huracan and only ran a few laps with the Porsche but I don't see any problems with it and someone who can drive can probably do much better.

11-03-2018, 14:38
The Carrera GT is now fastest at Silverstone National. You need to drive it, give it a chance, you should like it more than the merc. I have run most of the RDC cars for you at Silverstone National. The Porsche is easiest to setup.