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07-03-2018, 06:47

Yesterday I made some comparisons between auto-clutch ON and auto-clutch OFF on Lamborghini Huracan GT3 car.

Generally, I was able to lower my lap time about 0.3s (Sugo --> 1.20:179) with auto-clutch OFF. It seems that gearshifts are faster and more direct, but I noticed some strange behavior.

With auto-clutch OFF I am still able to up-shift flat-out. This means that the car still has automatic throttle lift on gear shifts, which is correct.
On downshifts, I can see the throttle blipping. Visually the same amount of throttle blip as with auto-clutch ON, which is formally correct from my point of view (GT3 cars do have auto-blip IRL).

BUT I noticed that with auto-clutch ON I can downshift to 1st gear while turning and nothing happens, the car is like on rails; while with auto-clutch OFF, in the same corner, same speed, I spin when I come down to 2nd and 1st gear.

I need to manually blip when I downhift to 2nd and 1st gear in order to have the same behavior as with auto-clutch ON, but the auto-blip is actually present!!!

What is this difference? It seems to me that either
1) Auto-clutch is some sort of "no-spin-at-all magic trick", like if it was a sort of "stability control"
2) Auto-blip when auto-clutch OFF is coded in a weird way, working not as it should

Can someone help me clarifying this behavior?

Thanks in advance!



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09-03-2018, 09:47
Bear in mind "auto-clutch" is a game assist, and not really needed for GT3 other than to get going, I guess it is probably still assisting the downshifts into the higher torque gears, 2nd-1st.

So with manual clutch enabled, you need to make sure the engine rpm is lower when changing down into those gears.

Edit: Changing down at high rpm, you are effectively introducing an increase in braking at the rear (for rear wheel drive). The "auto clutch" feature will be helping to further rev match and smoother clutch engagement, preventing a spin.

09-03-2018, 10:28

Just as an update, I made some testing and I found out the difference.

Sugo, Free Practice, Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

1) I switched AUTO-CLUTCH ON. I accelerated up to 3rd gear, then i pressed the clutch until the rpm went to idle, and then i downshifted. At each downshift the car was auto-blipping and the rpm reached about 2.400 revs.

2) I switched AUTO-CLUTCH OFF and repeated the same test. The auto-blip is still present but is sensibly less, in fact the RPMs arrive at about 1.800 revs

So, there actualli is a difference between auto-blipped cars whether you use auto-clutch ON or OFF. With auto-clutch OFF I actually do additional manual blip when downshifting.

Hope it is helpful!