View Full Version : Where is the improved handling and ffb for the 2017 Porsche 911 RSR...

07-03-2018, 22:07
ahh there it is right at my finger tips !

Bog standard Raw 100/50/50/50 CSW v2.5 - very very nice guys ! the more I drive it the more it makes me smile - so predictable and gradual behaviour changes - that ass is going to step out eventually but when it does you can get it to behave.

This may seriously replace the 488 as my go to GTE.

Seeing you got so much slack for the sound I thought Id at least mention to me at very least the car handles beautifully and very much to my expectations based on my ***very hefty experience of GTE cars ;)

So thank you very much for a really nice car !

*** Indeed I have no experience driving a GTE car :P