View Full Version : Online Assists Turning Off In Race

08-03-2018, 15:42

I have recently started racing online and have noticed my assists turning off during races.

I have my assists set to authentic.
When I have been racing online in GT3 the assists will be correct in qualifying but they will turn off when it switches to the race.

It's a pain when I come to T1 to find my brakes locking when I expect them not to, or come out of the corner wheel spinning. Especially having just run qualifying laps with them on.

I'm not sure if I am missing something or if this is a bug.

Richie Padalino
08-03-2018, 15:49
If you assign a button to each of the assists, then you can toggle them back on in the race.
For you, this will work fine, as you're on authentic.
The problem comes if you are using assists not actually authentic to that vehicle, as then when you try to toggle it back on, the message comes up "Traction Control - N/A", and there's nothing you can do.
I've been told the reason why this happens is that your assists revert to what the host of the lobby has set. I reported this months ago, but doesn't seem to be in the pipeline to be fixed.
But anyway, in your case, assigning a button will be fine. If a little annoying to have to check, then change.