View Full Version : RsDash - Tyre Wear Vanished???

09-03-2018, 14:52
Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I seem to have inadvertently lost the tire wear indicator on RsDash...I've used this app for ages and normally have a solid tire with a percentage bar...now I have a treaded tire and no bar and can't seem to change it.

It was fine yesterday and now changed...tire wear is on and car is on slicks...any idea what i've done?

On PS4 using app on laptop.


09-03-2018, 15:02
Solved - turns out i needed to amend layout...had to assign a button to do it.

Just strange as never happened before

10-03-2018, 22:20
There a dedicated RS-Dash thread. Please post in that, instead of starting a new thread