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09-03-2018, 18:40
Dear project cars team.

I've found some bugs that are in the system for a while and I'd like to bring closer attention to it, since they are living long time in the system.

- In career mode the cars are almost never take over each other, they are just going after each other. Doesn't give a feeling of a realistic race.
- Nationality flags in the multiplayer are not showing the correct nationality of the drivers. Someone else has my nationality next to his name and I get a nationality from the drivers from the same race.
- Frame rate randomly drops sometimes and the only fix is restarting the game. (I'm using VR all the time)
- Multiplayer mode is not up-to-date. In the lobby i see the qualify ends in 4 minutes but when i go in the lobby it shows that players are already racing
- When joining to a multiplayer host, i can see my previously selected car for like 5 seconds and then it randomly changes (since the lobby has different vehicle type/category). Not once I joined to a host and I thought I'm going to race with the car I see on the right, so I just quickly hit the 'ready/join' button, and after the game loads I realized that I have a completely different car.
- in multiplayer cars are sliding in the pit when entering the game.If I'm looking around (still in VR), I can see the cars in the pit but they are not steady, they are sliding on many different directions without having their wheels moving.
- in VR, sometimes the back of the cars is missing, for some reason I can see the inside parts of the car, so the exhaust system, sometimes even the engine in some cars.

Hope you can find time to fix these bugs.

09-03-2018, 19:08
there's more in the car selection menu: the Mercedes 190E Evolution II is listed as a Manual 5 speed when it has a manual 6 speed. probably the BMW also but I didn't drove it. I don't know if there's more of those, but that's what I actually found

09-03-2018, 20:01
Stop creating the same thread multiple times. Once is enough.