View Full Version : PC or PS4 Pro/ Xbox One S version and G920 wheel thoughts before purchasing PC2

10-03-2018, 17:22

I think I already know the answer to my question that I pose to other members of the forum but I am going to ask anyway. I am thinking about buying PC2 Deluxe on Steam since it is on sale this weekend. I have a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and a gaming PC I built. The specs on my PC: I7 4790k CPU, MSI Sea hawk X water cooled GTX 1080 Ti, 16 GB of Corsair Platinum DDR 3 ram. My monitor is a Dell AW3418DW (3440X1440). If I use my PC I will be connecting my 1080 Ti to my 55" Sony TV instead of using my 34" Dell monitor. Reading reviews on the web show the PC version first then followed by the PS4 Pro and then the Xbox One S for at least the graphics of the game. For ease of connectivity the consoles will be easier. Using my PC I will have to run a HDMI cable from the graphics card to the Sony TV not a big issue. So I like to hear the thoughts if I should purchase the PC version over the console versions.

My second question is concerning the steering wheel. I have three wheels presently (Logitech G27, G29 , and G90). I was seeing that some people are experiencing issues with the Logitech wheels. I am also using the Wheel Stand Pro for mounting the steering wheels. I had the G27 for many years when playing Gran Turismo series on the Play Station 3 then I purchased the G29 to play Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 and the G920 to play Forza 7 on the Xbox One S. What are the thoughts on the Logitech wheels on PC2?

I appreciate any all comments. Thanks in advance.

10-03-2018, 17:57
HI , I have pc2 on PC with a 1080-G27 50" 4k tv .. the game runs and looks fantastic .. Just make sure your TV can handle the resolution you want with a refresh of no less that 60 ..also the G29 drivers are not ideal for PC from what I have read (they work but you need to jump threw some hoops)so if the g27 is still in good shape I would use that over the g29 just because of driver/game dev support ..Idk what the issue is but Im sure someone here with a g29 will chime in ..So Unless your using VR the 50" is a great way to play the game ! with the 1080ti you will be able to unleash the power on pc2, with the consoles they are pretty much maxed out already and you get what you get ..

11-03-2018, 00:10
I've had no issues with G29, played hundred of hours on PC 1 and 2 as they are both supported by the game, officially, you're able to select that wheel from the control options. However, the G29 does have a low torque compared to expensive wheels. What you don't want is the wheel to clip at max torque, dampening the subtle changes in high ffb situations, like in corners, you know that feeling when you turn the wheel and you feel the max torque all throughout the corner, without subtle changes. But this is true for every wheel, even expensive and higher torque wheel. For example, my new T-GT wheel, which has up to 6 torque as opposed 2 torque on g29. If I set the ffb too high, it will just become numb at high ffb situations. In iRacing you can enable a small window that displays I think fps and control information. There is a bar next to "ffb" that shows the torque output of your wheel. A green bar that becomes yellow if it maxes out. That is called clipping. So if you lower the ffb a bit, just to avoid clipping or reducing it, you will gain some clarity. Tho after long play hours you will naturally feel what your wheel is capable of and what not, and this becomes a complete non issue, even tho the issue is just about a slight clarity improvement. So I don't set the FFB too high, but I always prefer as high as possible. And I know more people who prefer lower torque than high, so there's that. G29 is a very loved wheel, if T300 wasn't so smooth because of the toothless gear and belt driven ffb, but there they complain about overheating, so there's that.

Allot of sim racers even champions love G29, exactly BECAUSE it has low torque, but still more than enough torque to perfectly and clearly understand all that is going on in the sim, meaning you can simply relax, not get all sweaty and hot while racing, and enjoy long hours of racing with G29, especially endurance racing. G29 has amazing performance and clarity and specific ffb simulation capability at lower ffb strength, especially for such a low price. The 0 torque of the wheel feels incredibly smooth, and whatever information I get through my more expensive T-GT wheel, I also got on my G29, just at a lower torque level, that's all.

As for the drivers, well, ps4 supports g29 heavily, with no setup required at all, and I have played every pc sim racing title with g29, simply downloading one simple driver called logitech gaming software, and it automatically updates and supports and detects all logitech hardware you may have with one simple driver. Even older games like GTR2, you can still play it with G29, by simply customizing your max degree of rotation to match the car you are driving in the game. But I don't recall any of the relevant sim racing games I've played of today that doesn't support the g29. And Project Cars 2 supports G29. Where as with my T-GT, many games simply don't recognize my wheel. Even project cars 2 doesn't recognize it, tho it is still playable by custom mapping the T300. But games like forza, no chance to even try and make it work with that game. Where as my G29 does work on Forza. Allas, my g29 was vanished from the earth during a repair shipment. So no forza for me. :eagerness: