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10-03-2018, 20:22
Hey guys i am a full timer over at iRacing.com, but i recently got my friend into sim racing on pCars and he was wondering if i was interested in running beer league races with him. i bought pCars1 with him during a steam sale and he is to the point where he would like to run a weekly fun race if we could find a good geoup of guys.

i came up with the idea of running a pCars fun league, we are basically going to treat it like a beer league, show up and race. we are pretty average at best so if you are a world record driver this probably not for you.

the first season will be in the Ginettw Junior G40 and 4 weeks long. in game weather will be afternoon with real world time and weather progression and the races aill laps about 30 minutes.

if you are are interested in running with us please leave a comment below or shoot me a pm


09-11-2018, 15:54
I want some friendly competition too, I use Project Cars Goty, Helios Predator 300 I7 7700HQ 1060(6GB) Oculus, G29, Omega GT, & Beanbag :)

Love Sim Racing, but bought game from Oculus & their multiplayer is empty :( Can we set up a league here & meet at the track ;)

Another issue I had is the leader board won't record my local data no matter what I achieve in Singleplayer whether Career/Solo/Time Trial/Free practice. How can you advertise a game for Oculus's Launch which only works 40%?