View Full Version : Porsche 918 - no 4 wheel drive?

David Wright
11-03-2018, 15:21
The Porsche 918 should have four wheel drive but seems to be rear wheel drive only.

11-03-2018, 15:48
Video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLu8jXbFsZw

11-03-2018, 16:16
If you turn off all the nannies, it's fairly rear driven if you watch the real car:


Not sure if the guy in the video had everything turned off (or down since there are levels of TC).

Jussi Karjalainen
11-03-2018, 16:30
The engine only drives the rear wheels, front wheel drive comes only from the electrics motors. So if you run out of hybrid power (and when driving hard they really don't last for more than a few minutes) the car becomes RWD, until you manage to get some charge back.

11-03-2018, 17:19
Also the electric power is less than the v8 power. So even with full batteries it is pretty much RWD.

David Wright
11-03-2018, 17:41
It seems strange then that the 4WD is evident in the AC version. Perhaps this is related to the recharging bug?


Jussi Karjalainen
11-03-2018, 21:05
We've been testing and haven't been able to locate an issue with the recharging. Recharging does happen when braking, but you use more than that when you accelerate again (there's also some charging happening when you're just driving, but that just pretty much goes instantly back into use, so it's not going to fill up the meter). The 918 in real life too runs out of hybrid power before finishing a full lap of the Nordschleife, depending a bit on how you use the throttle. The systems in these cars were never really designed for long consistent lapping, not like what LMP does.

That said in the next patch the 918 will get a bit more longevity in the boost, and we've also adjusted the front/rear electric power balance to make it feel more AWD, and I do think it's going to be a definite improvement.

19-04-2018, 15:46
Are those changes the ones active right now? Or as in next patch? ( now) I didn't understand the current car at all, I never complained about the low amount of KERS, and actually held the car quite dear to me for TT's. As the juice ran out after ~3 laps, I mainly used it for TT and general fun.
It used to be hard to tune out the 'sluggishness' and make it a bit more lively, but after testing it yesterday.. I actually don't know what I were driving.

I didn't manage a single clean lap in 40 minutes of testing, mostly due to pure surprise at the transitions from under to oversteer. and the lack of response from the front wheels overall?

Following the top ghost were pretty fun on the other hand, as it displayed what I felt quite well

(Oh and never change a thing with the old Nissan Skyline GT-R (Group A) It were so damn fun now that I'm back in the game.. top notch work on that one, a huge smile from start to finish.. and sideways, and backways, and everywhere! Hardly any need for another car in the game, with that much entertainment in a single car)

Yes I will try the new ones too.. some day

Never mind.. being away half a year, I actually don't think I have the right to complain/question physics at this time.. sorry!