View Full Version : No fast start at the beginning of a race with clutch bypass

12-03-2018, 13:35
I noticed that with some cars (verified with non sequential shifter cars such as the Renault CLIO, and the Porsche 924 /77/78/80) I cannot do a fast start at the beginning of the race, just relying on the throttle pedal management while using the clutch bypass.
Having activated the clutch bypass I assumed I just had to push gradually on the throttle to gain RPM, but actually, doing so, I gain speed at a much lower pace than the AI opponents.
But if I play with the clutch together with the pedal I can have a competitive start.

For me this is not a problem, since I have the clutch, but I wonder if this is the intended behaviour?

Do I miss something? What about those who do not have a clutch?

Maybe everybody already knew it, I'm just a noob with a wheel. But to me it came as a news.