View Full Version : Intro Video - am I the only one?

OKC Radar Bob
13-03-2018, 13:54
I'm still kinda new at PC2 so it may be just the novelty of it, but I find myself always watching the intro video before starting to race. I'll actually do a full restart or launch another game so that when I bring up PC2, I get to watch the intro vid. It has such well put together action sequences along with a music score that's simply brilliant. I really feel it captures the very essence of sim racing - with action and music building from the grass roots level to pros, ending in a marvelous crescendo and wets my anticipation of the first event.

So to the developers - you guys are awesome! I never get tired of that video - that is one brilliant piece of work guys!

13-03-2018, 14:28
I watched a lot the intro when the game came out. Now I want to start to play as soon as possible

13-03-2018, 14:29
After almost 500hours of playing i almost always skip it instantly. But when i first launched the game i watched it,and was blown away, so yeah its a really great video!
Still watching it sometimes, when im not on a hurry.

13-03-2018, 14:31
It looks even better since patch 4 and super sampling

13-03-2018, 16:15
I like to look at the intro also. It's great. Even if I don't watch the whole intro again I still like to see some of it before I skip to start the game.

13-03-2018, 17:11
i still will watch it about half of the time, since day 1.

13-03-2018, 17:12
They should take the guy responsible for the video and put him in a new department to be named: 'department of more ambiance, appearence and atmosphere'
His first task shall be to add more ambiance, atmosphere and appearence to races and circuits. Adding more atmospheric lights during night races at Le Mans for example (those reflections allongside the circuit you see when in onboard cam IRL)
And more things in and around the circuit; animals, dynamic crowds, audio/video and just stuff to give the game a kick to become more alive.

13-03-2018, 20:14
The Porsche trailer was equally good IMO

13-03-2018, 20:35
I still watch it on occasion. That Ferrari GT3 rolling out of the pit box near the beginning....just wow

14-03-2018, 06:30
To be honest I never watched it.

14-03-2018, 08:59
I always skip it asap and have never watched it^^

14-03-2018, 10:34
It's not that I don't appreciate the intro video, it's beautiful, but I had to remove all of them from the game and save me the hassle of having to push a button to start playing.

14-03-2018, 11:47
I watch it every now and then. Had to watch it on YouTube initially thanks to the HDR washout issue at launch

14-03-2018, 12:26
I usually skip trailers i every game, because I can't wait to finally play it :)

16-03-2018, 03:37
Still watch it every time I play. Bout to watch it now. The video is a tutorial as much as it is just a video. Just depends on how you watch it. As your pcars knowledge grows the video changes in what it says to you.

16-03-2018, 10:35
ok you convinced me. I will soon watch it for the first time :cool:

16-03-2018, 12:59
I like the intro ;)

16-03-2018, 14:21
The intro is really cool. Though... I think the pCARS1's intro might have been better.... they are very similar though...

having said that... The intro for Gran Turismo 1 still reigns supreme. From the music, the tempo, the way it builds, finally half-way through you get the GT logo form up, it goes quiet, engines rev at the start, BOOM, race begins. Gave me chills just thinking about it.


Also... that name and logo. Damn, marketing genius

24-03-2018, 09:42
I always skip it.

24-03-2018, 21:19
I watch it every now and then. Had to watch it on YouTube initially thanks to the HDR washout issue at launch

Still washed out. Not as bad as it was, but I fail to understand how the 'fix' failed to bring the contrast and gamut in line with the PC version. SMS honestly don't have a PC rig and a PS4 rig next to each other?