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14-03-2018, 19:52
Having trouble with your T150 pedal? This is what to do:

About 2 weeks ago the throttle-pedal of my Thrustmaster T150 broke.
It went completely to the floor and stayed there.
After opening it I noticed that the supporting spring was broken.

I sent a message to the support helpdesk of Thrustmaster.
I got a quick response: one or two days later.
They asked me my full name and address, a photo of the serial number (=sticker at the bottom of the pedal-set) and a couple of photo's of the broken spring inside the pedal-set.

Again I got a quick reaction: Thrustmaster acknowledged my problem and said I would get a free spring sent to me.

It arrived yesterday and my pedal is working fine again.

They also sent a pdf with instructions how to put the spring in.
(The toothed wheel of the potentiometer requires special attention).

Greets: John (Netherlands)

15-03-2018, 09:46
You almost made buy a t300 again.

It seems their costumer support it's getting better.
Wish the reliability of their wheel were better too.

15-03-2018, 19:13
I have it for about two years. So metal fatigue is taking it's toll. The construction with that single spring is simply not good.

Killg0re NL
15-03-2018, 22:07
I also had a good experience with thrustmaster. They replaced my base unit. And even took care of the pickup.