View Full Version : Template for the "Porsche-Pack" DLC

15-03-2018, 00:38
Does anyone have the templates for the Porsche DLC already? PLS add!!!

Morgan Henstridge
15-03-2018, 01:15
The DLC Templates are usually available a little while after the DLC Release.

Also, the 917K in PC version does not appear to have Cusatom Livery support (white tile missing from Livery Selection screen) , I wanted to check if this was intentional / licensing limitation??

15-04-2018, 09:43
I need these templates!!!

22-05-2018, 20:16
And up.. O Jan, where art thou?

Jan Frischkorn
25-05-2018, 08:04
They are added now. :)
Sorry for the delay, guys!

04-07-2018, 05:01
... Jan? Spirit of Le Mans templates? ;)

22-08-2018, 11:39
Knock knock.

Tar Heel
24-08-2018, 05:02
I too would like some Spirit of Le Mans templates please :)