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15-03-2018, 20:46
.Good afternoon, I bought the game project cars 2 in the station play store and the language comes to me in English, when I put subtitles you only have the option in English and not in the Spanish language. I'm from Costa Rica, the play station is set up as Latin America, I change it to Spain and follow the same problem, call play station and they say that this is the developer's problem, I would like to know if there is any way to solve this.

15-03-2018, 21:11
you can change the game language to Spanish, but i think the only subtitle option is English.

15-03-2018, 22:56
In the spanish version, the menus and subtitles are in spanish. Only the voices in game are english only.
In PC you can change the languaje in Steam Options, but in PS4 I don't know.