View Full Version : I'm sorry...

Matheus Hoffmann
16-03-2018, 08:16
but I'm done. I can't take this game serious anymore.
I'm or should I say was racing only in PC2 leagues, like the AOR GT3 Elite Tier and in the AOR Endurance League Elite Tier, both on PC.
I just can't understand how you can call your game an esports game, when the stability is basically fubar. Splitting lobbies into 2, mass disconnects, doesn't matter if the host has a superb connection. It just randomly happens. Before someone asks, I've only been disconnected twice during Qualifying. Thank God never during races.
How about your feature LiveTrack 3.0? Didn't work in Multiplayer till 4.0 and still has bugs, like a missing drying line in Multiplayer session.
Pit strategies not working as they should,... I could continue but the forum has enough of bug reports.
I've backed the first title a few years ago and had my fun with it. I'm close to 250 hours of playing the second one and there won't be much more. Practicing tracks and creating setups for my races just to get booted from the session or get affected by any bug is wasting time. I really hoped that all those issues would have been fixed by now but that's not the case.
After years of defending I just can't do it anymore. I won't recommend PC2 to any of my friends in the future and especially no future title of yours.

16-03-2018, 09:13
Being unhappy with the current performance is OK if you indeed have these issues, but actively discouraging people from buying future titles makes no logical sense and just smells like an irrational vendetta. Thread closed.