View Full Version : Porsche Manufacturer Drives spelling mistake?

Donkin Ben
16-03-2018, 16:25
3rd race in Porsche manufacturer Drives on Nurburgring GP says PORSCHE 991 GT3R on the picture.

16-03-2018, 16:45
the car is the 991 body.


rich1e I
16-03-2018, 17:47
True, the type is 991 but it should still say Porsche 911 GT3-R. You always say 911. Sure, Porsche owners only mention the type (930, 964, 993 etc.) but the model is 911 and that's actually the description. Just as people talk about BMW E30, E92 or F10 but it's actually a 3 series or 5 series.

16-03-2018, 17:57
You either use the model year or the model name. If you just say 911, you don't know the model year. 991 is specific range of model years but you don't typically use both (i.e. 2015 Porsche 991 GT3 isn't usually done.. You usually have Porsche 991 GT3 or 2015 Porsche 911 GT3).

rich1e I
16-03-2018, 18:08
Yep, anyway I think Ben learned something today^^