View Full Version : Safety First trophy not popping up.

17-03-2018, 01:57
So I got my B rating last night and the trophy never poped. I ran another race just in case but it still didn't pop up. Anybody have any idea why? I've also did almost 60 races online and I'm still in the amateur license.

17-07-2018, 18:50
Same here. Just got my B rating last night and it never popped. Did you ever figure out what to do?

17-07-2018, 23:08
Don't know why but I had my trophy 1-2 days after getting B rate so... just wait 1 day more (if not a new bug, you will receive your trophy)

17-07-2018, 23:33
Figured it out.... ended up doing two more races and it showed up.