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17-03-2018, 09:39
Some translation issues from spanish version:

V of "vueltas" (laps) displayed instead L of "litros" (liters) in vehicle status before race:


In online lobby appears "Circuito" (track) two times. The first one is right, but the second must be "Carrera" (race)


In the FFB appears "Menú de potencia de muelle" that is totally wrong. It must say "Potencia de muelle en menús"


In rules, not a very clear expression:


Obviously, not prioritary...

17-03-2018, 11:10
We have found a lot more improper translations in Polish version of PC2. I recently asked @Konan for forwarding the query to SMS if they are interested to get proper translation from community.
It's unbelievable how wrong translations made by local publishers can be. Sometimes it seems they have never seen a racing car. But it's not an issue of PC2 only. Almost every game which require deeper knowledge in specific area has such mistakes in translations.

BTW The "V" issue from your report is the same as already reported and fixed German one. Maybe documentation sent to local publishers wasn't precise enough.

17-03-2018, 11:47
I can excuse these errors, because it's hard to know what something means in the game, and what is the best option in the destination languaje in a racing context.

In the development forum some of us helped with the spanish translations (many germans too), and it's in a decent status. Most of the errors was solved in that stage. But other languajes, with less native members, I can imagine that has not many corrections to the original translation, and it could be in a worse status.