View Full Version : Night Driving - Cockpit View

17-03-2018, 16:19

Probably a long shot but is there anyway to remove the headlight glare in cockpit or helmet view when night racing, maybe a setting in one of the config files that can be tweaked?

I find when racing in last place it’s so immersive and just looks awesome, everything is nice and dark, but if there are a few cars behind you the interior is way too bright, even the footwell is lit up.

I know it’s been mentioned before by people saying they don’t like it, but I can’t recall anyone asking about disabling it totally in a config file.


17-03-2018, 17:22
Yes, reported multiple times. Even for PC1.
Maybe a game designer had an idea that it looks realistic.
I don't think they can give us a switch in config file. It should be fps saver, so if been possible to implement we would got it from beginning.

19-03-2018, 08:01
That's a shame, I noticed straight away the FPS hit, last place easily 90fps, as soon as another car is behind 45 fps...