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17-03-2018, 23:19
Hi everyone.

I have a big issue with races that start out dry and have rain comming in.
I'm playing career mode, first done the kart league and now I'm in Ginetta G40 Junior.

Basically, I'm at round 3 now at Silverstone National. Wet practice and qualifying present no problems but the race starts out dry and the rain comes in in 3rd or 4th minute. By the last minute it is (apparently) so wet that I cannot keep a straight line, let alone corner without spinning out. AI seems to have no such problems.

I use defualt car settings for now and I see that the tires set for this race are all-weather.

In kart leagu there was a similar race (don't remember which track) but I also couldn't finish. Rain start in lap 3/5 and by the last lap I'm dead last.

I presume this is a bug within the game, but I cannot believe that it has gone so long from release date and that it hadn't been fixed cause it's a major setback.

I am playing on PS4, if that is important.

Is this a known problem and is there any fix to this by fiddling with the settings? Thanks!

Azure Flare
18-03-2018, 00:08
Don't use all-weather tires. Use wet tires instead.

18-03-2018, 00:17
Even for the dry portion of the race?

Azure Flare
18-03-2018, 00:22
I wouldn't. I would start on dry tires, and then pit for wets. All terrain tires are meant for off-road use.

18-03-2018, 00:25
if you are doing the race at 5 minutes long (minimum), try starting the race on wets.

18-03-2018, 10:18
This is still a not fixed bug. The rain comes after 8 laps but the AI start the race with rain tyres.

18-03-2018, 14:47
Does it forecast rain at the very start of the race on the pause menu? Might just be one of the downfalls of dynamic weather and very, very brief sprint races

18-03-2018, 15:31
Ginetta Junior has no slicks or rain tires --> all weather only
the all weather do the job under both conditions.
you need to adapt your driving a little bit under rain.
if you can get a gap in the dry it is a little bit easier to compensate the laptime loss in the rain.
maybe lower the AI ~5 points until you know how to drive the tracks.

18-03-2018, 16:02
I did this race in career mode. It's challenging but not overly so. You'll need to have a wet weather set up with nice predictable handling and adapt your driving line and driver inputs. Try also adjusting the tone on your FFB- low numbers like 25 for lots of slip feedback but this requires a finesse touch, or 65 for more coarse ffb information that will make it feel less snappy. Adjust volume to taste- more for less tone and vice versa. Do not drive through large puddles. Do not over drive. I finished and was sweating with sore hands. It's hard, but fun.
Full race distance. 110% difficulty 100 aggression. I finished about 5th from memory. Good enough for points.

I ran with higher pressures and used other setup areas for mechanical grip tuning. This made the car good on the straight and the smaller puddles but I had to be very cautious in the corners with grip.

Also short shift with steady and progressive power applications. If you have the diff right, you'll find time on exit into a nice fast run on the straights.

18-03-2018, 16:11
As a postscript to the above, I'm thinking of restarting my career again after the next patch if it has ai tweaks but turning off the allow restarts option. Is anyone else as stupid as me for entertaining this thought?

18-03-2018, 23:31
I've been planning to do this for a while. I love that this game doesn't have any kind of rewind, but when I look at my number of race starts compared to finishes, I realize I've used restarts way too much.

18-03-2018, 23:41
Yeah, I think early in career it's not so much of a deal and a 3rd finish in the championship is good enough. If I miss out because of a couple of crashes, it'll make me more consistent. It'll be a different kind of tension that's for sure..
It's a good compliment to Doug and his team that I trust the ai performance to do it :)

19-03-2018, 18:04
I too. The big problem is that the game is not perfectly ballanced and you have to try a lot before you find the right way.