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18-03-2018, 06:48
I did a race yesterday, where the cars were locked to default setup (At Donington, with G50 Ginettas). Fuel consumption was turned off, and although i just had 1.4L of fuel, i went to the pits, to set it even lower, to see if i could do a few tenths better during qualifying. i didn't find out that it was locked to default setups, before i entered the pits, and saw that the setup option was greyed out.

When i came out of the pits, i had a full tank ( i think it was 45L?) and could not change that.

The problem here is, that when entering a session, it will load your last setup, even though the session is set to run defaultsetup. It should reset the tune to the default, but obviously racers have an advantage during their first stint during qualifying.

Is this a confirmed bug? i was pretty sure that i saw that this had been corrected in patch 4, but it apparently still is there.

18-03-2018, 07:16
There're still some problems with mandatory setups:

- If the race duration is longer than the fuel tank capacity, every player receives different fuel load at the start of the race.
- The "return to pit" option during qualifing session, gives you the amount of fuel for the race.

Probably in your session, the lobby creator disabled fuel consumtion to avoid the first issue.

For the second one there is a workaround. If during qualifing you made a pit stop (not using the "return to box" option), you receive less fuel load.

Take a look here, where all of these problems was reported (specially last post):


18-03-2018, 07:54
Thanks Asturbo!

I don't get it though, because they obviously have looked into it for patch 4.
I guess it is still a problem even though they think they did fix it, ot this is a different bug all together


18-03-2018, 08:01
It was fixed partially. After patch, in short races everybody starts with same fuel load. That is the fix described in the patch notes.

But if the race is long, and you have to pit for insufficient tank capacity, every player in the session, still receives a random fuel load at the start of the race. In the last post of mentioned thread, there is a test where you can see a full description of the problem after patch 4. That's probably the reason why the lobby creator disabled consumption in our session.

"Return to box" issue was also reported previous patch 4, but it wasn't fixed. You have to pit as you are in the race to don't receive full fuel load for the rest of the qualyfing session.

Both things are in the issue list (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?60908-Unofficial-issue-list-Post-Patch-4-0).

18-03-2018, 08:50
alright thanks, i'll have a closer look.
My issue was during qualifying, where i could do my first stint with 1,4L but then was set to 45L so i had no chance to improve. I don't know where it got the 1,4L from, but i suspect it is from the last race i did with it

18-03-2018, 08:56
No it's not the fuel load from a previous race or setup.

In your case, it loads the minimun fuel amount for qualy because you have disabled fuel consumption. If you want to pit for change tyres or fix damage during qualifing session, ask the engenieer for a pit stop, instead of using "Return to pit" to avoid the full tank load issue.