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19-03-2018, 15:56
New to the game, I have a question I can't find an answer to with search.

People speak a lot about the T150/300 and rotation settings, and talk about how many flashes using the mode button and navigation pad. But are they talking about flashes INCLUDING the final 'light on' or just the flashes and discount the last light (which stays on, so not really a flash, LOL).

My understanding is that 5 'flashes' sets 1080, 4 flashes 900, right? I can't get my T150 to flash 5 times. The most if flashes is four times, then the light comes on solidly. So, do people really mean '4 flashes and a final solid "on" light'? Or is there something wrong with my T150?

BTW, I am on a Mac, so have no access to the Thrustmaster control panel software. I also need help getting the rotation stops to engage, it seems I can rotate the wheel past its settings in-game if I use a low rotation setting (still trying to dial in what feels comfortable). What do I need to do to set my wheel up so it cannot exceed the rotation setting?

Sorry if this has already been answered, but search seems to throw in a bunch of PC advice that doesn't seem to relate to the PS4 version (and a Mac!).

mass control
19-03-2018, 17:49
Should see flash 5 times for 1080 with holding down mode button then left or right d-pad.
900 4 flashes
540 3 flashes
360 2 flashes
270 1 Flash.

19-03-2018, 18:30
I cannot ever see 5 'flashes' if you aren't counting when the light comes back on solidly. Are you?

Most flashes I see are four...

mass control
19-03-2018, 18:44
Count when not light up.The light will always be on when done.Each flash goes off then on.

I use the 900 4 flashes which be default on wheel when start up the game, set to 900 as well in game on wheel settings or if 1080 use on wheel then set in game 1080.

19-03-2018, 19:39
OK, now I understand. You are counting when the light comes back on (and doesn't go out) as a 'flash'.

Good to know.

mass control
19-03-2018, 20:33
Light off then back on is 1 flash and so on max 5 flashes at a press on t150/t300 wheel.
I have both of these wheels T150/T300 that do the same.

20-03-2018, 18:08
OK, thanks for your help. It's a semantics thing..!

I have always taken a 'flash' as a momentary event. Think of 'flashing' your headlights... When you simply turn them on and leave them on, you don't say you've flashed them. Thrustmaster could do a better job of explaining things, LOL.

This probably explains some of my handling issues. Thought I was setting 900, seems like I'm on 1080...

mass control
20-03-2018, 22:12
If you go to the thrustmaster web site and select the wheel using then can down load the manual pdf that explains this and other things the wheel does in pdf form.