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19-03-2018, 16:10

I'm having an issue which is preventing me from enjoying this title.
Every time I play it for longer than 5 minutes I start feeling stomach sick, nausea like. After a while I start cold-sweating too.
I don't normally get sick except on rare fps games.

I use a 32" tv about 3 meters away from me ( I sit on the couch ) and use the ps4 controller.

I believe it's the live track 3.0 shaking trembling which causes it as smoother less bumpy tracks are totally fine.
I disabled all sort of camera fx but it's still there. Any suggestion in order to render the experience smoother? I play using bonnet cam between 80 and 85fov.

I'm thinking of stopping playing because of it's not enjoyable when it involves feeling nauseous :-(

19-03-2018, 16:27
Live track is not shaking or trembling. Live track is more or less the weather system tied into track progression - track evolves over the course of a race. Anyway, play around with the camera settings - world movement, g forces, etc. Sure someone will reply but can't remember what end of the scale takes away all those movements. I'd just test 0 and 100 values between the settings to see what one stops the camera movements. Look to apex can be a vomit inducing setting.

Haven't see anyone get sick from the base game and a controller - figured this be a VR question. Might just need to train yourself. Work your way up from a simple flat track (Silverstone, Snetterton , Zuhi, etc) to medium elevation change tracks (Spa, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, etc), and then finally to max elevation change (Nordschleife, Azura Circuit/Coast, etc) A good portion of us are smack dab in front of our screen sitting in a rig. I dealt with a bit of motion sickness from racing (albeit in VR) so I'm sure you can get over the flat screen motion sickness with training and settings changes.

19-03-2018, 20:09
Look further down the track and not directly in front you. As if you were driving in real life always look as far infront as possible.

20-03-2018, 15:34
Look further down the track and not directly in front you. As if you were driving in real life always look as far infront as possible.

Thanks, that helps quite a bit. Driving in bonnet cam mode somewhat makes it worse because the camera, being attached to the chassis bobs up and down.
Inside view feels better (aside from the fg inside view bobbing up and down) but the track is solid so focusing as far as possible helps.

What would really help is a bonnet cam without the bobbing.
I read somewhere that what causes sickness is the up and down movement, not the left right one.

20-03-2018, 15:41
you should run cockpit view for max realism, and if needed, you can turn off head movement, g-affects, speed shake, etc. in the options. But the up and down bobs is also the car reacting to bumps in the track surface.

20-03-2018, 16:01
Also in camera settings you xan change the world movement setting Which will stop the up and down movement but if you do you wont feel connected to the track

20-03-2018, 16:10
Fast paced video/simulation games (FPG or other) can have an adverse reaction on your nervous system and may affect some more than others. I recall seeing a warning about this. You have to be careful if you're prone to nauseous reactions keeping in mind such games can be quite intense normally. Your anxiety can reach to dangerous levels.

That being said you may want to give this a read:
6 Ways to Deal With Simulation Sickness While Gaming (https://femhype.com/2015/06/24/6-ways-to-deal-with-simulation-sickness-while-gaming/)https://femhype.com/2015/06/24/6-ways-to-deal-with-simulation-sickness-while-gaming/

20-03-2018, 16:30
Funny i suffer from severe anxiety and i find playing my ps4 helps me focus on something other than getting anxious about getting anxious

John Hargreaves
20-03-2018, 17:42
As said above, experiment with the camera>movement settings. On PS4, I use chase cam with fov 70deg, high speed shake -off, world movement -50, g-force -15, give that a try. Also, you could build up your tolerance, use flat tracks like Silverstone or Zhuhai to start with and stop as you feel sick, then try to build up more time each attempt. I had a mate who couldn't play first person shooters due to sickness, it affects us all differently.