View Full Version : Gaining those valuable tenths of lap time for relative amateurs like me

21-03-2018, 18:02
Hey all, those who know about all this please forgive my repetition.

This is aimed at those on PC who, like me, maybe struggle to know where to focus on how to get those few tenths of performance. So I thought I'd share some fantastic resources that I'm certainly finding hugely useful in not only helping me set up the car but also give some structure to what I'm doing.

First of all I really recommend that you watch this guy. The information is very easy to understand and its an excellent series he's put together. This directly links to how to use Pcars Profiler (see links).



Also, and I cant stress this enough, go into the edit HUD section of the options and clear everything off one section except for the lap delta widget. This will give real time information on whether or not you are faster or slower at that point relative to your fastest lap. Obviously youll have to complete a lap for this to start showing.

Using the pcars profiler, the widget and a bit of analysis I was able to figure out exactly where and which tyres I was locking up, the fact that I was understeering ever so slightly on full power out of the corners, and a quick adjustment later and a full second quicker.

Quite a fantastic bit of free software, and I hope that PC3 integrates something like it.

Have fun :)

21-03-2018, 19:49
If you are Xbox or PS4, vrHive (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?58222-PC-XB1-PS4-vrHive-Dashes-Telemetry-Live-Data-Arduino-Client-Server-more) is a great option for the same thing. I run it whenever I'm driving so it's always collecting and saving the telemetry.

When you mention tyres locking up, another great resource for this (and much more) is Crew Chief (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?38922-Crew-Chief-an-alternative-race-engineer-for-PC-users). He is constantly telling me "you're locking your fronts into xyz turn" as I'm approaching it. He provides a lot of really useful information without having to take your eyes off the road and is very configurable. It works great with both consoles and PC too. I'm on xbox, and have both of these just running on my surface right next to me.