View Full Version : Chase Cam goes Backwards

21-03-2018, 19:44
Chase Cam. When you accelerate the car comes towards you, and when you brake it goes forward away from you. quite a bit. this screws up where I was aiming to turn in.
That's backwards. Screws up driving in that view.
every games always been accelerate-car pulls away from you. not towards you. and braking, it comes closer. its backwards. ? :confused::mad:

John Hargreaves
21-03-2018, 21:21
Not noticed this, maybe your g-force effect settings are quite high? I have mine on 15 as I'm not keen on the effect.

21-03-2018, 22:27
It's a "speed" effect of the camera, BUT you can disable it in the settings ;)
I don't remember the name of it though.