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21-03-2018, 21:56
Hey guys I've recently started a blog, to help sim racers.

So much on the forums I see people asking for tunes or others saying to take a tune off time trial while I think this is a good starting point you have to realize the tune of a car is to help balance the car to your driving style, taking someone else's tune will only help if you have a similar driving style.

The blog is focused on the principles behind car dynamics, if you'd like to learn more about the science behind cars check out the blog, link given below.


Let me know what you guys think, my next blog post is this Friday, and will be talking about the G-G-V diagram why it's important and how to use it to drive your tunes.

23-03-2018, 20:58
New blog post, this one is about the G-G-V diagram and why you should be using it to determine if your driving on the limit.


26-03-2018, 22:15
Just read through the blog posts and they're really understandable and well written. It'd be easy to bamboozle everyone with maths with the stuff you're talking about but it makes a lot of sense, nice work! :)

27-03-2018, 17:47
Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback.

My goal of the blog was to bring some science into sim racing, and present the information in a way that people without engineering backgrounds could understand. I also started the blog to improve my writing skills so it sounds like it's helping.

Again thank you!

05-04-2018, 13:17
When selecting a car from the car selection drop-down, where does that data come from?