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22-03-2018, 03:04
Does it make any difference or is it personal preference between 16.9 and screen fit. As in my tv manual it recommends 16.9. But i feel in some games i feel screenfit works better. And i assume im missing something in display settings in pc2 menu

I been meaning ask for ages but i always forgot as its not that important.

22-03-2018, 06:50
For all pc or console rendered graphics, Screen fit.

They recommend 16:9 in manuals because because many, but not all tv signals has needed some form of overscan to play correctly, when a signal is pixel to pixel correct. Like a set resolution from a pc or console the only thing that does is cut away edges of the picture and zooming, so you end missing details on the side as well as losing resolution.
It varied how much tv's do this, and many, practically all, has the option to disable overscan, And some do automatically with an HD source signal.

Anyhoo. if you have a pixel to pixel setting or as Samsung calls it, Screen fit.
I recommend using that.
Here's on an article on the feature.