View Full Version : Lots of wrong info regarding top speed, number of gears, etc.

22-03-2018, 14:33
Hey, made a post a while ago on reddit about this issue. Thought here would be better.
I have a few examples:

Mercedes 190-E DTM. Description says it has 5 gears but in game it has 6.
Mitsubishi Evo X. Description says top speed is 303 km/h (you can see this one from a mile away that it isn’t true). Any car review out there says that top speed is around 155 mph - 249 km/h
Another example. Mercedes AMG C63 coupé. Description says top speed is 249 kmh. I’ve done over 300kmh stock.

For a game with these standards I was not expecting to find so many incoherences. Hope the developers can fix this.

22-03-2018, 14:35
Are you sure?

22-03-2018, 14:57
The 1991 Mercedes DTM had a Getrag 5 or 6-speed transmission. Source (http://touringcarracing.net/Pages/1991%20Cars.html).

The Mercedes AMG C63 coupé topspeed is limited to 155 mph in the standard version, but you can option for the 180 mph version. Source (https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/mercedes-benz/c63-s-edition-1-2dr-auto/first-drive).

Conclusion : lots of wrong info in your post.

22-03-2018, 21:33
If you decide to put the car with 6 speeds, then say it has 6 speeds. Not 5 speeds but when you drive you discover another gear. Same with the C63. If you can go more than 155mph, why leave it to 155mph? No point tbh

23-03-2018, 02:13
It's nice that those are the only complaints you have :)

23-03-2018, 13:04
all standard Audi, BMW and Merc saloons are limited to 250kph / 155mph due to a "gentlemen agreement" between the german car makers.

some optional car packs have that limiter removed.

Mad Al
23-03-2018, 13:53
Here's a radical thought.. why not just drive the cars and ignore the top trumps text....