View Full Version : AI launching sluggishness.

22-03-2018, 19:28
I've seen a ton of posts pointing out how poorly the AI launch. Most tracks, you can gain 8 or more positions by T1 simply by launching at full revs and just squeezing up the middle (no-one blocks until the braking zone).

So, how to deal with this?

In the absence of a patch, may I suggest making yourself NOT try to gain positions until after T1? This at least honors the AI's qualy speed vs. yours, and doesn't 'game' the system.

You might even allow an extra lap and treat the first lap as a 'rolling start' without the shenanigans that actually having one entails (where you are pretty much mugged by the AI who don't seem to have the player's restrictions). Maintain position (or close to it) for that first lap, the AI will snake out and be far less stupid at bottlenecks, and on Lap2, go for it!

For me, it feels an awful lot closer to real life racing, where everybody gets off the line decently (or at least, most!).

How does everyone else deal with launching vs. the AI?