View Full Version : Worst tyresounds ever, needs alot improvement/rework

23-03-2018, 05:06
Hello guys,
I really like pcars2 but what i really dont like are this weak tyresounds, even in pcars1 this sounds was better.

The tyresounds in pcars2 are in my opinion only a cheap placeholder.

There are few weak motorsounds on some cars too but tyresounds needs to replaced first on all cars.

23-03-2018, 12:24
Worst ever? Harsh. Have you tried GT Sport?

Franco Ferrari
23-03-2018, 12:30
Oh.... how I love absolutisms.

23-03-2018, 12:33
Worst ever? Harsh. Have you tried GT Sport?

I have to agree with Daz regarding GT Sport... late tyre squeals, always the same sounds regardless of tyre type, and probably more but sound is not its strong point.