View Full Version : Wrong time of day for Le Mans 24hr in Career

23-03-2018, 09:16
Not sure exactly where to report it because it’s not really a “bug,” per se, but the time of day in the Le Mans 24hr race in the Global Endurance Championship is completely wrong. In game, the race starts and ends at 0500 in the morning. This totally breaks immersion to have a proper day-night-day transition like the real life race. The correct start time should be 1500 I believe.

23-03-2018, 13:37
The GEC as a whole is wrong to be honest.

Both Fuji and COTA are how they should be but the remaining races are just "wouldn't it be cool if" races.

Silverstone is the same duration as Fuji and COTA, starts at night and ends at night, with a quick shower of rain just to show off the transitions and for some reason it's double points...
Spa is a 24h race, with a quick shower at the end just to show off the transitions. Also double points (but why 24h ?).

Then le Mans, the blue ribbon event, sort of, because now Spa is also 24h so it's not that special anymore and three events have double points so...

23-03-2018, 14:47
I can live with everything else, but the time they chose for the Le Mans race is truly bizarre. I hope they fix it in a patch.