View Full Version : Offline Replay Camera Discovery

Tar Heel
24-03-2018, 05:15
I've been messing around with the offline replays the last couple nights and have discovered a couple new things that I am not sure are working as intended or at least how the descriptions word them. I haven't seen or heard of them covered before so I'll try to explain them, and maybe even make a short video showing them in action.

So in controller settings under camera the last two options are "previous camera" and "next camera" or something like and you can find a key to each of them. I thought these were to cycle throw the different camera options on the replay (onboard, trackside, cockpit, rooftop etc.), but upon testing it I quickly realized they are tied to something else entirely.

So if you bind "previous" camera upon pressing whatever key or button you assign it actually will change the camera to a cinematic one that follows whatever car you have selected to view in the replay. Pressing the key or button you have bound will cycle you through different cinematic cameras. They can provide some really cool looking views if you were making a montage video or what not.

The "next camera" button cycles you through stationary trackside cameras that try and focus in on the car you have selected to view. Pressing the key or button will take you to the next trackside camera. Couple things to note with this is If the car you have selected is way out of the shot of the camera the focus will get out of whack and everything becomes blurry. Another thing is sometimes the camera follows the car past its actual view point and it can get stuck looking at a wall or gate. Lastly if you use this type of view it can be tricky to get back to the normal trackside camera that automatically cycles through all the trackside cameras as the car you have selected progresses through a lap.

Back to what I originally stated. These two key bindings don't seem to accurately describe what they actually do. Instead one seems to only activate cinematic camera shots while then other only activates stationary trackside views and disabling the feature that automatically cycles through the other trackside cameras.

Anyone else notice or discover these things?