View Full Version : My car setups donít seem to save

24-03-2018, 17:49
Hey all , so not sure if this is a known issue as I tried searching before posting.

I am currently in the Porsche Cayman series. For practice I have the time set for 30 mins or so to get me enough time to work out a set up per track. While running a few laps and making adjustments getting the car set so I can get some consistant laps, car feels good and is manageable to my liking.

Proceeed to qualify... take the car out of pits and feels sloppy and is all over the place like if I had hit reset default in turning. I go back into tuning click save with out changing anything car handles like i had it while running laps during practice. I qualify put down a good time and happy.

On to race day.. start the race good off the line go into first corner car is sloppy again like if default was reset, restart race go to tuning save again car feels like i had durring practice and qualifying

When i go into tuning all of the changes I made were still there from what i remember changing but seem like they were not applying until I overwrite what I already saved

24-03-2018, 17:52
always load your setup when a new session starts.

24-03-2018, 18:03
Is this a bug still ? Or just something I will have to keep In mind

24-03-2018, 20:02
I have noticed, If you save a new tune and don't rename the description, sometimes when you go to "Tune settings" it won't load, it seems like there are two separate lists for some reason. By naming the description something else it always shows.

24-03-2018, 22:23
I didn’t think of that. I don’t rename the tune after making changes , i’ll just overwrite it. Next time I get on i’ll have to put a name on it so maybe I can prevent it from doing that. Cause it’s really frustrating after taking the time I have to take to get it right sometimes only for it to feel like I never tuned out any isssues