View Full Version : PS4 - PC ...few setup questions.

25-03-2018, 12:12
Hi all,

Recently switched from PS4 pro to PC mainly for its mods and triple screen support.

Loving the PC after not owning one for a fair few years after switching to mac. Just a few questions. Currently i run the rig with a 55" 4K screen and run it at its native 4k res, then in game i drop the res to 2560 x 1440. Is this the way to do it or should i drop the res in windows and match them in game? Using steams built in FPS counter i never drop below 90fps with high to ultra settings at 2560 X 1440. If i run the game at 4K matching windows res i get 60fps and drop to 50 ish when theres alot going on. Should i run native in windows and game do you think? (I7 6700 / GTX 1070 / 16GB RAM)

I also run a separate 12" screen with rs-dash or simhub open alongside some system info. Ive noticed a fair few apps are now available on IOS/android Do you think its best to run this info on the ipad/android or a separate screen connected to the PC using resources?

Last one which maybe personal preference. Single screen or triples?

I have 3 x dell 30" monitors sitting here doing nothing. They have a native res of 2560 x 1600 and cost me a fortune a few years back. Would my system above run all 3 do you think at that resolution?