View Full Version : Fanatec CSL Elite 'triple' Upgrade

25-03-2018, 21:59
Hi all,

I've finally upgraded from the G29 to the Fanatec full set and as much as the package (understandably) is light years ahead of what I've been used to, I'm also discovering new feedback I never got from the gear driven G29.

I have tweaked the FFB settings to match what I look for in 'feel' but I'm wondering what is the deal with how some cars feel light (steering) but some feel heavy...is this down to the actual car, as it would be in real life? (all cars are default setups) For example, the steering is massively different between the Ford Sierra RS500 and the Porsche 911 GT3 (....I know, I know) but in terms of having my FFB set to what I like, I can distinctly feel that as I increase side load through racing, the wheel is a lot more firm with the Porsche than the Ford.

I'm quite happy we can feel differences between cars, as you definitely would in real life, but just wanted to check that this is indeed an expected 'feature' of the game and not a weird bug.

Also I'm not sure if it's due to the CSP v3's but I find it almost too easy now to run without any ABS. Is this another accepted feature of the Fanatec peddles?


....I will add, I've never enjoyed PCars2 SO much since my upgrade and I cannot say enough how much FUN the Caterham Seven 620R is to blast around my favourites of Oulton Park and Cadwell!!!

26-03-2018, 06:00
FFB varying from car to car is definitely a feature, and a topic of discussion since forever :) Since there are no seat-of-the-pants forces in a race sim unless you have a full motion rig, if you happen to drive a simulated car with little forces coming through the steering rack then you may want to tweak the FFB to get more info through the wheel. All personal taste.

As for the pedals, good pedals allow you to do threshold braking more easily because you can control the brake input more accurately. So definitely a feature by design, no cheating involved :)