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27-03-2018, 05:34

I just finished playing this game for about 5 hours with nothing but giggling and a smile from ear to ear. ... I've always wanted to do some type of sim build for games such as this and I felt as if the market has come a long way. So I decided to go for it.

So, after reading online, I got a decent setup and I am ready! search search search ... let's jump into iracing ... yeah, big mistake ... complete turn off -- and this is starting with the basic Mazda. Something about the physics just didn't add up to me. No, I am not bashing it at all .. I just really could not get into it. I know a lot of people praise the physics for that specific game and I am sure a lot of people personally enjoy it but .. they just didn't feel as realistic to me. I tried my hardest to get into it as it seemed like the best game out there, It would deliver that feeling of being able to immerse myself into the driving experience that I've come to get used to in the real world. I've driven go-karts, evo's, ferrari's and i've been daily driving a gt-r for the better part of 5 years .. surely that means something, right? Nope ... after about 3-4 hours, I was put off ... I wasn't going to force myself to like a game ... Then, I got my younger brother a racing wheel as well so we could play together and he happened to own Project Cars, Over the weekend, we stayed up trying to beat each others lap times times and it was truly what I was looking for.

Fast forward to today, I purchased Project Cars 2, set it up with my htc vive and was like .. wtf this looks like crap lol ... after reading the forums, tweaking this, tweaking that and caring too much about how the game looked, I said okay, enough about the looks, let me choose a car I am familiar with and start driving in VR .. and I was impressed! So I started a career, started out at the bottom racing the go-karts to get an idea on how the game is and I could not drop it!! After 3 hours of playing and progressing through the career mode, I went online and did some racing with the go-karts and it was soooo much fun.. lol. Anyway, I am running/rambling/going off but I just had to share my experience, that's all.

Lastly, to those individuals who are having trouble adjusting to VR in this game, I strongly recommend you start off with career/go karts. One of the problems I had was not being able to see the turns before they came up, etc but I personally believe it has nothing to do with the graphics quality but more or so inching and adjusting to the game. Once you do so, you'll get much better at it .. at least it that's how it worked for me.

Setup is the following for those who are curious:
gtx 1080, i7 7700, 16gb ram, htc vive pro edition, thrustmaster ts-rx, th8a.

John Hargreaves
27-03-2018, 06:53
Interesting read, welcome to the forum. There is plenty to keep you busy in PC2, wait until you try the loose surface stuff - Caterham 620 on a rallycross circuit is a lot of fun.

27-03-2018, 07:21
The crucial thing for vr for me.
After getting all the adjustments just right.

Was to simply accept the lack of detail.
Don't try to force your eyes into seeing detail that simply isn't there.
Just relax, accept that resolution is a little low.
And the whole thing will be smoother.

27-03-2018, 12:55
Yeah, the game is absolutely great! I am one of the people who complain a lot about the things that don't work correctly in it, but still, I think I am averaging around 4-5 hours play time every single night (well, this also exposes me to the issues much, too :)), I only stop when I am too tired, and yes, I also have a lot of work to do every day... Even in my simple 23'' screen, it's a fantastic feeling driving in PC2, hoping patch 5 will turn it to the absolute masterpiece it can be.

27-03-2018, 13:05
I got VR and the detail is there, it's just the resolution is worse than a monitor, more like a CRT TV than a nice monitor, aside from that its mint in VR.

28-03-2018, 00:40
I got VR and the detail is there, it's just the resolution is worse than a monitor, more like a CRT TV than a nice monitor, aside from that its mint in VR.

Yah, Agreed.

I just unlocked the GT5 class in career and was got sooo into it ... then the car stopped ... I'm like ... wtf, why did my car just go completely dead/limp ... and then I realized I had run out of gas! LOL :D:D:D

28-03-2018, 15:04
I got VR and the detail is there, it's just the resolution is worse than a monitor, more like a CRT TV than a nice monitor, aside from that its mint in VR.

Exactly and this is what people struggle to understand.