View Full Version : Indy 500 with Pace Car in PC2 (video included)

27-03-2018, 07:47
Yes we can!!!

Yesterday we did a complete Indy 500 race with a Pace Car included. This race gives you the potential of that awesome game which, with a little bit of imagination, gives you the tools and the opportunity of do it propperly.


The only problem was that de Pace Car (PC) couldn't stop the car during the race, but, that was not a major problem.

When a driver had an accident, he said "yellow flag" by Teamspeak, and the PC had the control of the race, first opening boxes when the drivers in the track were grouped, then restarting the race when he considered.

Here you have some interesting laps:


Here you have a Pace Car start:


28-03-2018, 01:40
Looks good, maybe will have a try later

30-03-2018, 07:26
Looks good, maybe will have a try later

If you do, please tell me your experience!!!
For all of us was really gratefull.