View Full Version : Does career mode affect you license points?

28-03-2018, 11:31
Does career mode affect you license points? I'd like to find a way to get my points higher, so that I could race with more disciplined drivers and become one myself.

28-03-2018, 11:33
Short answer: no.

28-03-2018, 12:48
Multiclass racing, if you are in a slower class and finish ahead of a faster-class car, you'll earn points just for that, no matter where you finish in your class. (but the points you win could be balanced out by those you will lose for your class position). I don't agree with that "overall position over class position" for giving licence points, but hey, that's how it is.

To be honest, you kind of have to chose between your safety rating and your strength rating, I know I didn't and after 144 online races I'm only A1690 (A since yesterday). But I've seen guys go either straight to S but go down to 1100 then grind it back up (since you are so low, any decent result is a huge point haul) or the opposite, having 1600/1700 but still at F. Grinding both at the same time doesn't seem to be the most time-efficient method.

So choose between being fast in bad environment or slow in a good environment.

28-03-2018, 15:52
I can say to you the following: My experience with multiplayer have not been so good, because even if you race with A or S or B or C or D, you will find in each of these categories people that donīt give a damm to other players, people that will do anything to win, block you, take you out, etc... So my experience in Multiplayer: BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there are exceptions, but that is like playing in LOTO :)

So, i think I raced less than 20 races online, some time ago I was B1450, but just in one race, I never raced after that, someone took me out of the race, i tried to race until the end, but before the end, when i was passing someone, that someone didnīt like it, so rammed me in the next corner.... So, only if you join a race league or something similar can you drive in multiplayer with I hope responsable people. But i donīt believe that will be diferent, because in real life, they donīt respect eachother ( almost all drivers). So, now Iīm at C1420 or something.

Unfortunelly I donīt have time to play in a club or in a league.

28-03-2018, 19:51
You did less than 20 online races with only wreckers and you manage to be B? In less than 20 online races?
Die you win all against S drivers and without wreck? Or am I missing something?

Cause I'm A and I've 130 online races, without much wreck. I must be really bad.

29-03-2018, 00:34
So choose between being fast in bad environment or slow in a good environment.
That won't be hard. I'm pretty slow :)