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28-03-2018, 15:09
Does it matter whether you pick the road course car or oval car in career mode?? Like if you pick oval are all your competitors on oval cars as well? It would be nice if you could rotate between the two while in career mode but you are locked in with your choice for the entire season.

28-03-2018, 15:19
Have you even completed that series before saying that you are locked in the road or oval variant for the whole season ?

No you didn't. You choose a livery for a specific engine, both you and the AI fields get the oval package on ovals and the track package on road courses for their cars (aka a livery for a engine package). Simple as that.

You don't get to do 380kph at long beach with an asymmetrical setup and certainly don't get do hit the limiter at 300kph and have a symmetrical setup at indy. The game does the thinking for you, as it does in any series where cars have low downforce variants. (such as group C)

28-03-2018, 15:26
Thanks that’s all I was wondering

28-03-2018, 15:46
Keep in mind, you will be restricted to liveries that are both on the oval and road course variants. Liveries that only appear on the oval variant (for drivers that only do the Indy 500 and not the entire Indycar season) will not be selectable when you begin that tier of career. (like most liveries that don't come in pairs for the rest of the career, except the PWC)

29-03-2018, 03:54
Also worth noting:

The schedule is all on American tracks. I think it's Daytona Oval, Long Beach, Indy Road, Indy Oval, with Watkins Glen, Sonoma, and I forget the other two offhand. And since they don't (yet? Hint, hint!) have the St. Petersburg track, Daytona is a fine stand-in for the opening race.

One quirk I noticed was that the oval setups (at least in Daytona) seem to be configured to help you hold position in the turns. The ticklish flip side of that, is just getting the heck out of the pits: between your cold tires and a setup that wants to turn in, you REALLY have to baby the out lap, especially if you've clawed your way all the way up from Formula Rookie and aren't used to the drop hammer and turn left routine. I actually had to switch to the road course setup, just to get the car into some semblance of predictability. Kind of another "thanks, but I got this" moment.

Note also that the drivers in IndyCar are named after the real-life roster, which surprised me, for some reason. I went with Team Penske, and ended up having Will Power as my teammate. The utility company jokes just about write themselves.