View Full Version : Weird game crashes

29-03-2018, 09:08
Don't know if someone else experienced this, but...

Yesterday I was in a race with more 8 or 9 people ( the usual suspects ) and a crash happened next to me. It's was in Daytona, we were going fast, I got the lead, but I got caught in the crash. Well, I think I got caught, even though I passed with a good distance, my car went flying to the front.

Before I hit the track, the image freeze. I still could ear the other racers talking, but the game was frozen. I had to leave to the ps menu, turn off the game and come back again.

From what I was ear, my car was loose in the track, by it self, wrecking everyone.

In the few months this happened to me 2 or 3 times.

In the next race, I got disconnected and I couldn't connect again to that lobby, but this is a different problem I have also, where I need to leave the game also to be able to get in again.

29-03-2018, 19:31
I have had several game freezes at the end of qualification. When the qualification timer runs out and i pass the finish line the game freezes. I cant do anything and have to quit the game...

29-03-2018, 20:05
For me is only so the middle of wrecks.

30-03-2018, 17:00
Same here.. game freeze After qualifing time was up... when passing the finish line the game froze