View Full Version : Qualifing Lap - the exactly same time for 3 times

29-03-2018, 10:26

Some time ago when in qualification, I did exactly the same lap time with 4 laps of interval between the 2 equal lap times.

And I repeated the same thing again, with another combo car/circuit.

And than:

Yesterday in another circuit ( Azzure circuit) I did the same thing with the porsche 911 RSR(GTE) 2 laps in qualification with exactly the same time.

Dont you think it strange?

3 times Ive done 2 laps with exactly the same time in the same session, diferent cars and diferent circuits.

29-03-2018, 10:28
Exact tracks, cars and times and screenshots would be appreciated, as this is too anecdotal for a proper discussion.

29-03-2018, 10:41
Ok, yesterday I did save the qualification.

I will try to upload the video, later at night because now im working (sort of)